Reopening Fort Murchison

Opening of Fort Murchison

In line with the easing of the lockdown measures, we have decided to open the doors of Fort Murchison to the public from the 8th June 2020. Needless to say that we are making sure the camp provides the safest possible environment for our guests and staff. Specific steps including social distancing in public spaces, frequent and deep cleaning of the rooms, proper hand hygiene of staff and client… are put in place

As per now, Murchison Falls National Park is still closed. We are therefore working on some activities to keep you and the kids busy at the lodge. A glimps of this will follow soon

We offer special post lockdown rates for residents for the months June and July

Room (Bed & Breakfast)$30
Tent (Bed & Breakfast)$20

We hope to be able to follow suit in our other lodges soon. As you might know some of our properties are situated in border districts and as it stands are officially not reachable. We are closely following the situation and will update you of any further development