Nature Lodges is a collection of safari lodges and camps
set in some of Uganda’s most extraordinary locations.

Extraordinary locations and unique concepts

Each property in our portfolio is as vibrant and unique as the region it serves. They typically range from 10 to 15 rooms and are situated around the major tourism sites of the country. To avoid the “one seen all seen” phenomenon, we have constructed our lodges around different concepts, but what all share in common is a passion for discovery and new experiences that make travel unforgettable.

One Stop Shop

By having a portfolio of lodges in different places, Nature Lodges becomes your one stop shop where you can book most of your accommodations for your upcoming trip From your arrival in Entebbe to your visit to Kidepo Valley or Murchison Falls, your chimp or gorilla trek, to your safaris in Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Park, let Nature Lodges make your stay an authentic and memorable experience.

Ugandan Hospitality

Our lodges are managed and run by a local team. Ugandans are well known for their hospitality so expect authentic African style, a warm heart and big smile.

Value for money

And last but not least: … An out of Africa experience that won’t break your pocket. East Africa is known for some of the most exclusive lodges. We want to show that waking up to hear a lion roar in the distance, having a million dollar view from your room, feeling emersed in the forest from your tent… does not have to cost an arm and a leg. We often wonder what justifies some of our neighbours’ rates. To us price honesty is important. Expect real value for money

Stop dreaming and embark on your lifetime memory now!