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On the edge of one of the most beautiful national parks in Uganda…
Our latest and most remote property of Nature Lodges, Kidepo Savannah Lodge does justice to this wildlife gem which has received several international awards as one of the greatest Parks of Africa. Being just 500 mt away from Kalokudo gate, the lodge is literally on a stone’s throw from the park. It offers unparalled vistas of the expansive Narus Valley, Mount Morungole and the distant mountain ranges which form the border with Southern Sudan.

The lodge is inspired by the savannah surroundings, the grasslands, rocky outcrops, and … by the karamajong, the tribe with their typical manyattas and colorful blankets.

The lodge had to blend in rather than stick out, so we opted for a choice between the more luxurious self-contained safari tents and comfortable lazy camping tents.



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SAFARI TENT SINGLE $ 110 $ 125 $ 135   $ 110 $ 125 $ 135
SAFARI TENT DOUBLE / TWIN $ 140 $ 170 $ 190   $ 155 $ 185 $ 205
EXTRA BED $ 25 $ 40 $ 50   $ 30 $ 45 $ 55
TENT SINGLE $ 35 $ 50 $ 60   $ 40 $ 55 $ 65
TENT DOUBLE / TWIN $ 60 $ 90 $ 110   $ 70 $ 100 $ 120
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B&B: Bed and Breakfast / HB: Half Board / FB: Full Board
NOTE: above rates are inclusive of all curent applicable taxes. 
Prices might change without prior notice when governement adjusts taxes.  


Children under 5 : free of charge / Children under the age of 12 : 50 % discount / Children under the age of 18: 30 % discount


Kidepo Valley National Park is one of those out of the ordinary places in East Africa.  A place as you might imagine Africa would be, but only better. Raw, remote, unspoiled and almost unvisited. The perfect place for your African adventure.

Kidepo Valley National park is located in the northeastern corner of Uganda. It is Uganda’s most isolated national park, but the few who make the long journey north through the wild frontier region of Karamoja would agree that it is also the most magnificent, for Kidepo ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge organizes morning and afternoon game drives of 2 to 3 hours in an open roofed extended land cruiser. Rates are in USD and are exclusive a professional ranger and park entrée fees applicable to the client.

half day game drive is $45 per person (minimum of 2 people)
full day game drive is $70 per person (minimum of 2 people)

There is nothing like taking a walk on the wild side. Explore the savannah by foot, accompanied by an armed guide you will venture along dry river beds, over rocky outcrops and through bush land to track the resident wildlife.
Lamoj Mountains: Most of the hiking is conducted on Lamoj Mountains only a couple of kilometers from the Headquarters of the Park. This area is in the Narus Valley, a prime game viewing area Kidepo River Valley: Visitors may as well go to see the marvelous Kidepo River Valley. The river is dried out through the biggest part of the year. A stroll on its wide bed of white sand or in the barassus palm forest which feels like an oasis in the sahara, is a fascinating attraction.

A unique insight into the warrior tribe’s way of life. The name Karamojong is derived from a phrase meaning ‘the old men can walk no further’. Originally from Ethiopia, this tribe settled in the north east of Uganda. Related to the Maasai, this is a warrior nomad tribe for who, for generations, pride and status were cattle and for who cattle raids were the rule of the day. Since the disarmament however, things have calmed down. Cattle is still king, but subsistence farming has become a lot more common.
A cultural visit to their manyatta, will give you an insight into this fascinating community, its culture and tradition.

The IK people are one of the original tribes and were here long before the Karamojong arrived. Initially they used to occupy areas of the current Kidepo Valley National Park but when their original home was declared a national park they were forced to move northwards to Mount Morungule. This brought extreme famine and the IK people had to adapt new practices and skills to forge their way of survival. They used subsistence farming, hunting and fruit gathering to overcome famine but were continuously raided by neighbours. Today, they are one of the smallest and most marginalized tribe in the country with an estimated total of 10,000 people. There are fears that this tribe might be on the verge to extinction but mere resistance has led to their continuous survival.
Today, visitors are availed with an opportunity to visit Ik. This all day venture up and down steep mountains in some of the most stunning scenery, will give you a rare insight in the tribe, adds a bit of income to Ik’s community and helps to create some awareness.

Getting there

A bit of trouble or cost to get there but totally worth it.
In the past, tribal warfare, cattle raids and very bad roads, have kept Kidepo Valley National Park isolated and unvisited. Fortunately, today, tables have turned.
The park, however, remains a Lost Eden, a place everyone recommends but where few have been.

Being just 500 mt away from Kalokudo gate, the lodge is literally on a stone’s throw from the Park and can be reached without paying park fees.

Latitude:  3.713723° //  Longitude: 33.669861°

The road network in Northern Uganda drastically improved since few years.

The best and most direct route from Kampala passes through Gulu and Kitgum to Lokumoit Gate. Set of early to avoid the Kampala traffic jam and take a packed lunch for this 520 km or 10 hours long journey.

Longer but very rewarding alternative roads pass through Karamoja subregion.

The Lodge is well indicated from Katurum gate (lokumoit gate) onwards.


The easier but more costly option is to fly in by a scheduled or chartered flight. Our open roofed land cruiser can pick you up from Kidepo airport and be used for game drives during your visit